Homemade handicrafts

Embossing, Ceramic work on earthen pipe, Ceramic work on tiles, Mural design, Painting on earthen pot, Oil painting, Engraving on aluminum, Art with Sea-shell, Art, craft and glass work on pot, wedding invitation, glass painting and many more. For more information or to place the order, please fill the enquiry form.

Decorative pot
Product code : HH001
Rs. 770.00

Painting on earthen pot
Product code : HH002
Rs. 720.00

Three dimensional ring
Product code : HH003
Rs. 3470.00

Ceramic work on tiles
Product code : HH004
Rs. 1880.00

Mural design
Product code : HH005
Rs. 1850.00

Engraving on aluminum sheet
Product code : HH006
Rs. 970.00

Embossing on aluminum foil
Product code : HH007
Rs. 4930.00

Ceramic on cane basket
Product code : HH008
Rs. 970.00

Earthen pipe with ceramic work on one side
Product code : HH009
Rs. 600.00

Painting on imported frosted glass with high quality paints
Product code : HH010
Rs. 1260.00

Art with seashell
Product code : HH011
Rs. 550.00

Decorative pot
Product code : HH012
Rs. 1110.00

Special wedding gift
Product code : HH013
Rs. 4030.00

Earthen pot with ceramic work
Product code : HH014
Rs. 5499.00

Earthen pot with ceramic work
Product code : HH015
Rs. 550.00